AMBM President Ivan Normandeau issued the following statement in response to Natural Resources Canada’s announcement of $155,000 to Eco-West Canada (EWC) for the installation of 31 electric vehicle charging stations in Manitoba:

Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership welcomes the installation of 31 electric vehicle charging stations in southern Manitoba. Natural Resources Canada and the participating municipalities will share the $356,000 total cost equally. This project is a great example of the strength of the direct federal-municipal partnership.

We are particularly proud that our affiliate, Eco-West Canada (EWC), was chosen to lead this project to help move towards a low-carbon future. In the spirit of a Friendly Manitoba, we created EWC to provide its unique expertise throughout Manitoba and Canada. For nearly 15 years, EWC has been working with small and medium-sized Canadian municipalities to implement strategies and actions to increase their use of clean energy.

As the order of government closest to citizens, municipalities are key allies in the federal government’s green economic recovery plan. This vision is directly aligned with our own economic recovery strategy to build sustainable development infrastructure using clean technologies.

Information: Justin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, 204-289-4077, [email protected]

Support for Manitoba’s electric vehicle charging network