Manitoba's bilingual municipal leadership is at work

Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership is working hard. That leadership is ready to act and address the needs and issues to have a real and collaborative impact on the local economy and on the bilingual character of Manitoba and Canada.

Our efforts to develop and advocate empower Manitoba’s bilingual municipalities to build stronger and more prosperous communities.

We are working to create sustainable solutions and the right conditions favourable to advancing the key priorities of bilingual municipalities.

See what we are focusing on today.

Active offer of municipal services in both official languages

Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership promotes and supports bilingualism and its added value. 

Our bilingual municipal governments are full partners in the promotion of both official languages.

We are focused on getting results when it comes to official languages at the municipal level. That is why we work to support the planning and delivery of services and programs aimed at contributing to the development and vitality of Manitoba’s Francophone community. 

We advocate for tools that help bilingual municipalities build an environment in which being able to live, socialize, receive services, consume and have fun in both official languages has become a reality. 

Economic development

We drive economic growth.

The development and prosperity of our bilingual municipalities are at the heart of our mission. We build upon the added value of bilingualism in our communities’ local economy. 

We encourage, stimulate, coordinate, and support economic growth for our communities through the leadership and expertise of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM). 

The AMBM is the parent organization of CDEM. As such, the CDEM is a strong and effective economic driver for our bilingual municipal governments and their community economic development corporations. 

We value local, bilingual economic actors for their contribution to the vitality of our communities and of Manitoba’s Francophone community.

We advocate for reliable tools and possibilities that help bilingual municipalities and community leaders to better innovate, compete, and grow.

Empowering bilingual municipal governments with regard to economic development builds better lives. 

Sustainable development

We are building sustainable bilingual communities.

Sustainable development is a top priority for our bilingual municipalities.

We are scaling up local green innovation to tackle climate change through Eco-West Canada (EWC)’s leadership and network of expertise.

The AMBM is the parent organization of EWC. Together, we are making a real difference by helping municipalities invest in economically viable green projects that meet federal and provincial environmental requirements.

We advocate for tools and possibilities that help bilingual municipalities to invest in green infrastructure so that our communities become more sustainable.

Rural communities

Rural issues matter to us all. 

Our rural bilingual municipalities are essential to the local economy and to the bilingual identity of Manitoba and Canada. 

Our bilingual rural communities drive key industries—from agriculture to manufacturing to natural resources. They provide important services that families and workers rely on. They drive economic growth. 

We advocate for the right tools and possibilities that empower our rural leaders to promote community economic development, to strengthen the infrastructure that supports local life and commerce, and to build more dynamic and innovative bilingual rural communities. 


We are builders.

Strategic investments in infrastructure build stronger bilingual municipalities.

We mobilize local leaders in the implementation of infrastructure projects having a significant and direct leveraging effect on the quality of life in our communities and for local economic growth. 

We advocate for tools and possibilities that empower our bilingual municipalities to carry out infrastructure projects and to foster their capacity to develop sustainable development practices, while at the same time building on the added value of bilingualism.

Francophone immigration

Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership is a key community partner with regard to Francophone immigration. 

Our bilingual municipalities understand that they have a vital role to play in Francophone immigration settlement. They want to help stimulate Francophone immigration throughout their communities in cooperation with community actors providing immigration services, thus maximizing their impact. 

We need Francophone newcomers to keep our local economy growing and to ensure the vitality and sustainability of Manitoba’s Francophone community.

We want to increase the competitiveness of our bilingual municipal governments to attract a skilled workforce and bilingual entrepreneurs. 

We advocate for tools that help bilingual municipalities build up their capacity to welcome, offer services, and refer Francophone newcomers to local partners so that they can adapt, thrive, and become full contributors to their community’s economic and cultural life.