The President of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM), Mr. Ivan Normandeau, issued this statement following the announcement of the departure of Mrs. Mona Bruneau Fallis as President of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM):

It is with regret that we have accepted the resignation of Mona Bruneau Fallis as President of the CDEM, effective July 31st, 2022. A strong supporter of bilingual municipal leadership and community economic development, Mona will be stepping down soon to be with her husband who is facing significant health challenges and to focus on her family.

Mrs. Bruneau Fallis’ appointment as President of the CDEM was made official at the AMBM Board of Directors meeting on October 21st, 2021. We would like to sincerely thank Mona for her service and commitment over the past year. We wish her and her family the best of health and well-being.

As Vice-President of the CDEM Board of Directors, Mr. Philippe Mailhot will assume the role of Interim President of the CDEM as of August 1st, 2022, until the annual general meeting of the CDEM’s members scheduled later this fall.

Holder of a doctorate in history from the University of Manitoba, Mr. Mailhot served as Executive Director of the Saint-Boniface Museum from 1989 to 2014, as well as representing the heritage sector on the Board of Directors of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM) since 2017 and representing the tourism sector on the CDEM’s Board of Directors for more than four years, becoming its Vice-President in 2021.

A true leader of Manitoba’s Francophone community, Philippe is notably recognized for his deep knowledge of the history of our Francophone, bilingual and Métis communities, including the early days of the Red River Resistance and the negotiations that followed.

We are grateful to Mr. Mailhot for agreeing to serve as Interim President of the CDEM on short notice and assure him of our full support in this transition period.

Information: Office of the Chief Executive Officer (OCEO), 204-289-4077, [email protected].

New Interim President for the CDEM: Philippe Mailhot succeeds Mona Bruneau Fallis