Located roughly 130 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, the twinned town of Powerview-Pine Falls is a quick and easy retreat from city life. With its picturesque natural surroundings, the area offers a number of tourist attractions. From the hydro dam to lush forests and sandy beaches, there is something for everyone. But Powerview-Pine Falls is not just for tourists. It also has all the amenities for family living.

Robust economic environment

Powerview-Pine Falls is ideally positioned to attract a wide range of businesses. Its location at the intersection of several highways and on the banks of the Winnipeg River makes it easy to transport goods and is conducive to commercial fishing. The hydroelectric and forestry sectors have historic roots in the town, including its pulp and paper mill, operated by Tembec Industries. When Tembec shut down in 2009, the town bounced back and kick started its economy. While some of the former mill lands were purchased for development initiatives, the community chose to promote education via the Winnipeg River Learning Centre, and health, with renovations to the Pine Falls Health Complex. Small service businesses such as restaurants, a pharmacy and hairdressing salons continue to grow.

A recreation paradise

Powerview-Pine Falls offers residents a host of outdoor recreational activities for every season. Nature lovers can enjoy the area’s golf courses, trails for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and hiking, and lakes for fishing. The region boasts five parks, providing a myriad of leisure opportunities for the young and young at heart.

The town also has a range of indoor recreation activities. Residents can stay active year-round with facilities that include a pool, tennis courts and an arena with designated areas for hockey and curling.

A full range of services

The 1,300-plus residents of Powerview-Pine Falls, 235 of whom are bilingual, have access to all the professional, commercial, recreational and educational services they need to thrive and grow. The local high school offers education in English and French Immersion. Children from Francophone families can attend École communautaire de Saint-Georges, a French language school just a few kilometres away. The town’s two adult learning centres encourage continuing education.

The Pine Falls Health Complex is another regional asset, offering primary and secondary health and social services to residents of the town and the surrounding area. Following recent redevelopment work, the complex now houses the Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre to support the region’s First Nations and Métis communities. It also has a new Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) heliport.

Powerview-Pine Falls by the numbers

1,316 residents in 2016

235 bilingual (French-English) residents

63.6% of residents are homeowners

The town’s main industries are construction, health and education

Powerview-Pine Falls