The Ronald Duhamel Award was presented today to Michel Loiselle for his work in finding ways to reconcile local priorities with various available funding sources which have greatly contributed to increase both urban and regional economic development within the Francophone community.

Over the last 18 months, Michel Loiselle has led an extensive public engagement initiative with the Francophone community that has resulted in a better understanding of its needs and interests in the realm of economic development. Mr. Loiselle’s efforts have culminated in a variety of different projects responding to the needs of the specific communities ranging from programs and supports for businesses and employability, youth entrepreneurship, and the promotion and inclusion of Francophone artistes within Manitoba’s cultural industries. These significant contributions to the economic development of our province’s Francophonie lend evidence to Michel Loiselle’s role as a promoter and defender of Manitoba’s Francophone community.

The Ronald Duhamel Award is a joint initiative of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM), Manitoba’s Federal Network of Official Languages, the Manitoba Francophone Affairs Secretariat, and the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. It was created to recognize an employee or a group of employees of a governmental or quasi-governmental body at the federal, provincial or municipal level for distinguished service to Manitoba’s Francophone community.

Officially launched in March 2005, the Award was named in honour of Ronald Duhamel and his significant contributions, first as a senior public servant in the Government of Manitoba and then as a federal Member of Parliament, Minister and Senator. During his career, Mr. Duhamel did much to promote the cultural, educational, economic and political development of the Franco-Manitoban community. He also supported a number of minority Francophone community initiatives at the national level.

“Michel Loiselle has demonstrated exceptional passion and dedication to the economic development of the Francophone community,” said Daniel Boucher, Executive Director of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to recognize Mr. Loiselle’s contributions and consider ourselves fortunate to have him as an advocate for our community.”

Brigitte Gibson, Regional Director General, Prairies and Northern Region, Department of Canadian Heritage is pleased to “Michel Loiselle has been an active and valued member of Manitoba’s Federal Network of Official Languages for many years and I applaud his dedication towards the economic development of the province’s Francophone communities. Michel Loiselle embodies the value of official languages and inspires his federal colleagues to continue to promote the full recognition of English and French in Canadian society.”

Teresa Collins, Executive Director of the Francophone Affairs Secretariat, extends warm congratulations to the deserving recipient. “When public servants answer the call to go above and beyond what is asked of them, the tangible benefits of their initiative and professionalism are felt province-wide. Mr. Loiselle has shown through his actions that he is deeply committed to making a significant effort in supporting Manitoba’s vibrant Francophone community.’’

“Manitoba’s bilingual municipal leadership warmly congratulates Michel Loiselle and salutes his important contribution to the development of Manitoba’s Francophone community,” said Justin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. “We look forward to continuing to work together to share success stories in our bilingual communities.’’

Members of the general public and public sector employees at the federal, provincial and municipal level were invited to submit nominations for the Ronald Duhamel Award by January 31, 2021.

The award ceremony was held virtually due to ongoing efforts to limit the spread of the COVID- 19 pandemic, but still reflects the spirit of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie which runs throughout the month of March. This is the ninth time the Award has been presented since its creation.


Kathleen Gagné
Regional Coordinator, Interdepartmental Cooperation
Prairies & Northern Region
Department of Canadian Heritage
Government of Canada

Teresa Collins
Executive Director
Francophone Affairs Secretariat
Government of Manitoba
1.866 267.6114

Joanne Dupuis
Administration & Activities Coordinator
Société de la francophonie manitobaine

Justin Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities

Michel Loiselle is the recipient of the 2021 Ronald Duhamel Award